About Us

During a church mission trip to Haiti in 2014, Glenda Powers witnessed devastating poverty and the suffering that it brought to the region of Colminy. In 2015 and well into their 70s, Glenda and Winston established Healing and Hope for Colminy. There was, and is, so much to do to get this community bootstrapped into self-sufficiency. But first-things-first…stop people, especially young children, from dying of malnutrition.

After ministering over 165 children under the age of 5, that first mission was accomplished. By 2019 there were no more children in severe nutritional need. Next, clean water, sanitation, hygiene, business training, agricultural assistance, and teaching the gospel of Christ…”Where does it stop?” their son asked, “What are the boundaries of your mission?” The answer: “At the border.” The mission is to do whatever it takes to bring hope to this geographic region of Haiti through eternal salvation and the elimination of extreme poverty.

Mission Statement

The mission of Healing and Hope for Colminy is to walk beside the people of this destitute community as they seek to create the physical, academic, and spiritual conditions leading to self-sustainability.