Colminy, October 17, 2016

This will be a bit of a hodge podge message from here in Haiti.
As you may already know Saturday was our 1st day to visit Colminy’s malnutrition treatment clinic. We were pleased to find the staff was much more organized than the day it opened back in May. Everyone seemed to know their role and worked well as a team.
Just under 20 mommies came with their kids, mostly babies …so bloomin’ cute! 2 were discharged because they’d reached an appropriate weight. Of the 3 admitted, 2 were severely malnourished, the other only moderately so. And one was referred.
This adorable toddler had been in the program for 7 weeks, yet continued to lose weight. Furthermore, two weeks ago he was playing near the family’s dinner fire, lost his balance and sat directly into it. The nurses aptly treated his burned groin area, thereby preventing infection, but combined with his continued weight loss he needed a higher level of care. And so he has been referred to a doctor/hospital. Please keep this little guy and the entire clinic in prayer.
While continuing to treat malnutrition, we are shifting the focus to prevention. The water filters, of course, play a major role in prevention. So will sanitation. (Currently there’s none in Colminy.) Come Wednesday we’ll be taking 4 Colminy leaders to Port au Prince for a Sanitation presentation. Hopefully they return promoting the simple, inexpensive solution they’ll be learning about. We’ve been told, if the leaders “buy in” to the solution, then the community will follow. Please pray that these leaders capture the vision, which will go a long way in bringing healing and hope to Colminy.
We will also seek their advice on how to distribute the 60+ water filters we have brought with us (60+ more coming by barge) among this community of 1,500+ families.
An aside — 2 photos I wish I’d taken, both here at DV: I spotted Marc traipsing down the road hauling 4 or 5 of DV’s huge, empty water jugs. Trudging happily beside him was one of the smallest boys, carrying another that’s nearly as big as himself. The other one — Yesterday, even though it was starting to rain I was looking over the guest house railing. From there I spotted Wedson with outstretched arm, holding a small umbrella high over Jani’s (sp?) head, seemingly oblivious of the rain falling on himself.
That’s our most recent story. Wishing you all blessings for your week.

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