In Haiti, October 14, 2016

Hello from Haiti,

Our 1st of 6 weeks is nearly over. No hurricane damage noticed anywhere from Port au Prince to Colminy, except along St. Marc’s waterfront. We went through there on Wednesday, after visiting Colminy’s main water source.
They call this a creek, but actually it’s a concrete lined canal. We arrived later than most folks fetch their daily water but still found a few stragglers. One topless old woman and a younger one were scrubbing clothes as a chicken strutted along the edge. 2 naked children were enjoying a splash while a man was washing up and a young woman was filling her 5-gallon bucket for the family’s daily supply of drinking/cooking/wash water. We returned with a water sample but haven’t yet had a chance to view it under the microscope we brought. Maybe tomorrow after clinic. Photos will have to wait until we return to the US.

Tomorrow will be our first visit to clinic. We have already interviewed 3 who work there (4 more to go). There are some issues that must be resolved. Please pray that the Lord to give us wisdom and that the staff will be pliable to deliver the best, cost effective care to the area’s starving kids.

Next Wednesday we’ll be taking 4 Colminy leaders to a sanitation training session. Afterward we’ll be treating them to lunch for further discussion — especially about how to best distribute the 60+ water filtration systems among 1,500+ families. Wisdom will be needed there too!

Please don’t forget to keep collecting those shoes so that we can deliver more health- enhancing, even life-saving water filters to these desperately needy people.

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