The Birth of HHC

When our mission team entered one of Colminy’s school rooms, rows of students were squeezed together on low benches. White people! A diversion. All eyes quickly shifted towards us.

Shelly, our photographer-daughter, grinned as she held up her camera. Most students smiled back in anticipation of becoming her subject. As is typical, she squatted for child’s-eye-view. I never knew exactly what she did, but suddenly a chorus of giggles filled the room. One little girl leaned forward to see her better. An enormous smile splashed across her face.

13316924_10209214506581081_7523075633740204272_oThis was 2014; our second trip to Colminy. As was the team’s custom, each evening ended with “Reflections” — a time to share what most impressed us that day.
Shelly brought a show-and-tell — her laptop with a photo she’d taken. “I’m totally blown away by this image,” she explained, showing that delightful little girl. “It’s incredible how happy she is living in such destitution.” Teammates crowded in for a closer look. They nodded, smiling in agreement…until one stopped them all short. His comment, “She’s simply too young to realize that she has no hope.”

Stunned silence fell across the group. “No hope?” Shelly closed her laptop. “What a terrible thought. Is this child already destined for a hopeless existence? Will her joy be robbed within the next few years. Is there really no hope in Colminy?”

What was that speaker thinking? …that’s there’s no hope because it’s such a hot and aired land? Because there’s no water in the community? Or that the soil is so depleted? Or maybe because residents basically exist on rice, corn meal and, occasionally, beans? Or, possibly, because it lacks basic community services – electricity, paved roads, playgrounds.

Can we really declare that these beautiful children face a life without hope just because of where they were born? These thoughts swirled through our heads…not just that week or month but throughout the years. We just couldn’t accept hopelessness. After all, Scripture declares:

“Anyone who is among the living has hope.” Ecclesiastes 9:4

“God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.” Psalm 9:18


“Those who hope in [the Lord] will not be disappointed.” Isaiah 49:23.

If the Creator of the universe declares hope for all, who are we to disagree? Instead of conceding, our concern has grown. He’s given us a heart to bring hope to Colminy, hope along with healing.

And so, once we discovered Medika Mamba, the solution for undernourished children, we knew this was the place to start. Healing and Hope for Colminy was born.

Your help is needed — both your prayers and your financial support.

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