The Problem

Lack of Clean Water


Welcome to Colminy, Haiti!

As you can see, this is a dry and destitute community. It has no clean or local water supply, no sanitation system, no health care. Residents struggle to make a living off the land. Yet its soil is so depleted that it yields little.


A typical two room home, usually housing 5 to 6 people.


Residents chase after a mission truck — one that is distributing 8 oz. plastic bags of clean water. Unfortunately this is only a sporadic event.

Water is the big deal! Without access to local, clean water this community cannot overcome its poverty. HHC’s current focus is to alleviate the ravages of malnutrition on Colminy’s children while seeking first to acquire funding to provide the entire community with healthy, accessible water.


A disabled man delighted to receive many bags of water.