The Solution


How excited would you be to get a little bag of water?

You might be if it saved you an hour of hauling water on your head that day. On most days the women walk 3 miles to fetch surface water. Many believe that if it looks clean it is safe to drink, but of course it is not and many get sick from parasites and pathogens, especially the young.

The solution we’re exploring with the community has four facets. First we have to show them what is in their water. We’re taking a microscope so they can look closely at their not-so-clean water. Second, we are taking a Hippo Water Roller which will enable them to more easily transport a day’s worth of water for four families in a single trip. Third we are taking 78 bucket filters to make the water safe once it is rolled into town.


Finally, we are showing them them how to make a simple latrine.

All of this has been tested elsewhere but not in Colminy. We are praying that it will begin to solve some of the most basic health problems they face. Good nutrition starts with good water.