Dieunathan is a 2 year old boy from the village of Pisto. His mother walked a great distance to get him to the clinic in Colminy. His family lives on a diet of rice, beans and, occasionally, corn meal. According to his mother, his condition is a result of diarrhea-causing worms. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had any way to treat that. The good news is that HHC’s clinic starts all admitted children on a de-worming med so that they will get the full benefit of the therapeutic food. Although Dieunathan is severely malnourished, he should be at a normal weight in about 6 weeks. Please pray for this little guy, and the families of all the starving kids that the clinic treats.


Ricnardeline had been getting cornmeal and milk twice daily because her family couldn’t afford the typical Haitian diet of rice and beans. Her mother was worried because Ricnardeline was getting too thin. Pastor Marc, who oversees the HHC clinic, suggested she bring her daughter to clinic and, of course, she was admitted on the Medica Mamba program. Ricnardeline did well, gladly eating her whole daily dose, and rapidly returning to a healthy weight. This has made both of them happy and well.


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Soeurcillia’s mother says the family eats meat, eggs or beans, fruits and veggies “all the time” along with corn and rice meals. But then Soeurcillia had a really bad fever and couldn’t eat at all. So “mom” brought her to the clinic. Soeurcillia is now physically stronger and her mom says she will “watch over her diet and feed her better than she did before.”



Etrennise’s Dad first brought her to the clinic. She had been having breathing problems and was no longer eating as much as usual. Most of the time the family has just rice and beans. They only have meat, eggs, fruits or veggies occasionally – just when they have some extra money. Etrennise’s mother reports that her daughter is doing better since being on the Medika Mamba and she hopes to be able to feed her better now. She says, “I can’t promise, but I am trying.”


This is Francesca. Her mother brought her to clinic because she was struggling with hay fever and was hoping to get some meds from the clinic to help her. While sick she was also losing weight. Besides nursing, she was also eating carrot juice and a plantain banana porridge. The family gets its water from the community faucet, then she treats it. Mom says Francesca would only eat one and a half of the Mamba each day, but she has gained some weight on it and is now fine.


Mom first brought Mikael into the clinic because he wasn’t strong enough to walk, and that scared her. Back then he’d eat a little soup and some bean sauce, usually a few times each day. Mom says she only has beans and vegetables because she can’t afford other food. Once admitted to the clinic he would usually eat what was prescribed. She is grateful because Mikael is now able to walk and play with other kids.

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Anaika’s mother brought her to the clinic because she was anemic. She eats rice and beans once each day, but other foods only occasionally. “Mom” admits she doesn’t feed her properly because “It’s always too late when I find food for her.” The family gets their water from a well but it is not always treated. Since being at clinic Anaika’s mother says her daughter has more appetite and she is trying her best to feed her as early as possible each day.


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Three of these next four kids may look a little chubby. Unfortunately they’re not. They’re all starving. What looks like baby fat is actually fluid build up from kidneys that are shutting down due to severe malnutrition.


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