Water! We turn on the faucet in one of many rooms in our homes and we get water delivered, on the spot, ready to drink. We shower and bath in running water of the temperature of our choice. We flush and it carries away our waste.

Clean water gives life. Without it, death. In Colminy nothing about water can be taken for granted. It doesn’t come to them; they go get it, 3 miles, every day. It isn’t clean; it isn’t safe. It causes disease, especially in children where water-borne parasites are one of the reasons for malnutrition…serious malnutrition.

Long term acute malnutrition is a serious threat to children’s development, especially for kids under 5.  It can stunt both their physical and mental capacities for life and even lead to death.  Currently, malnutrition is the greatest, single cause of Haiti’s exceedingly high infant mortality rate.

When poverty is this extreme, the poor don’t have the ability, by themselves, to improve their situation. Children cannot be educated when they are sick.  They need help!  For this reason, we have launched Healing and Hope for Colminy. We run a weekly malnutrition treatment clinic for young kids.  We assist families with water filters. We are developing a way to move water safely and efficiently. We are teaching them about sanitation. We are enabling the Good News of Jesus Christ to spread. Our goal is to help the people of Colminy create a self-sustaining community that no longer lives in a hopeless state of abject poverty and sickness.

Colminy Haiti Map